Caprock Canyon State Park

Event hosted by the West Texas Trail Walkers. We did an out/back 5K in this beautiful park with its free range buffalo.

They told us to stay at least 50 yards away from the buffalo, but someone forgot to tell the buffalo. This one was lurking above the trail.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here is the park entrance.

Buffalo crossing the road as we head toward the trailhead.

Metal buffalo sculpture near a small amphitheater. Do buffalo jump off cliffs?

View from a hill, we are still driving toward the trailhead.

View from the trailhead parking lot.

Walk registration is waiting at the end of the trailhead parking lot.

Our volunteers who manned the registration table.

Ed posed for me with the hill.

Close up of the hill with its crown of white.

Just a scenic view of the layers of red and white rock.

Hikers that caught and passed us on the trail.

View of them vanishing up the trail in front of us.

Almost to the top.

Walkers from Irving headed back to the start.

Deep gully beside the trail.

Scenic view of the surrounding hills.

Brooke and Gary at the turnoff for those doing the longer trail.

Purple wildflowers were scattered along the trail.

These walkers were also headed back to the start.
They are from Oklahoma City.

Another view of the terrain we are walking through.

View of the actual trail we were walking on.

Yet another walker who was headed back in to the finish.
This walker was from Austin.

Lesley headed back in.

Tiny purple flowers decorate the trail.

Marilyn is on the way out. We had reached the turnaround point and were headed back in ourselves.

Ed at a dry creek bed crossing.

A large group of Hood County Hummers out on the trail.

Here is the buffalo shown at the first of the blog up on the cliff above our trail. We waited until he moved away before proceeding.

This is 4 year old Becka. She was with her mom and grandma. Not sure how many volksmarches she has under her belt already, but she was doing great on the trail.

View of the hills around us.

These are the same hills we passed on the way out, but they look different coming from this direction.

Going downhill.

Creekbed we crossed.

Ed on the trail, it has warmed up and his hood is down.

After the walk we stopped back by the Visitors Center. Great place to get buffalo pictures.

Mom laying down with her calf close by her side.

The green grass next to the visitor’s center attracts the buffalo.

Mural on the Visitor’s Center wall above the bike rack.

Metal buffalo sculpture across from the restrooms.

Relief art mural of a buffalo fight near the Visitor's Center Entrance.